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Your Moment Has Come To Win With Tinseltowns Kid!

The Story

In 2013, I purchased an exquisitely beautiful stud out of Wimpys Tinseltown and The Gracious Kid.  Named Tinseltowns Kid, he was a remarkable individual and everyone could tell he was one of the most talented animals produced by his father.  The staff at Ray Nitti Performance Horses were chosen as the development trainers to build the show talent in "Kid".  By his third year, I decided he was a better fit as a gelding.

Kid's competition training advanced quickly, with the staff riders working the manoeuvres and competing in the ORHA patterns at several shows.  This continued to the horse's 4th year, when I decided that it was time for me to compete with my horse, as my riding had improved substantially.

I progressed to the higher positions in my class competitions despite being a senior.  By the end of my second season, I had improved to the point where I felt "winnable" with this beautiful companion Kid.  At the beginning of 2018, nothing was left to train or improve other than my confidence with my personal ability.

So... when life is heading in one direction sometimes a sharp left turn shows up!  Out of the blue, I was stuck by a personal health crisis in early February.  This means there will to be no ORHA class competitions.

Tinseltowns Kid is too talented and magnificent a horse to leave him in a field.  I've made the decision to find a new owner and freind for him, but he will not be placed with just anyone!  Kid is ready to win for his next friend, and he deserves the right person, the type of person that has developed the true ability to ride an excellent horse.  Most buyers, when currently looking for a new mount, will find that a large number of 7 year olds are at the end of their competition - done too many runs or just trained too much for too long.  This is not the case with Kid.  I was the sole show rider in the last two years and he was patient and understanding as he trained me.  Also, as a senior, I simply didn't have the need or energy to wear out my show horse by unnecessary repetition.  This means that Kid's got a lot of very excellent runs left in him!

Sometimes life can stop a plan for one person and open a wonderful possibility for someone else.  
It's just one of those things.

If you are the right person, then this is the rare moment for you to shine!

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Theresa Melisch riding Tinseltowns Kid
~ NRHA_ORHA Spring Thaw ~
~ Class - NRHA OPEN ~

Tinseltowns Kid Spring 1.mp4

Theresa Melisch riding Tinseltowns Kid
~ NRHA_ORHA Spring Thaw ~

Tinseltowns Kid Spring 2.mp4